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SMX Toronto Preview: PPC Analytics – Crunching Your Own Data

Posted March 19th, 2013 by Andrew Goodman

Great times! What could be better than a search marketing conference in Toronto, home of Richard Florida, six legitimate starting pitchers, and Page Zero Media?

Tomorrow you can catch me speaking at SMX Toronto, on the subject of PPC Analytics: Crunching Your Own Data.

I’ll cover some semi-advanced issues with attribution and search funnels, of course. But as is my modus operandi typically, I’ll seek to uncover complexities in seemingly simple processes and data. I’ll argue that you need to get your arms around these complexities and work from a clear plan… because you probably aren’t.

Take ad testing. There are at least four or five common approaches to ad testing. But most campaign managers mix and match strategies… change tack all the time… which isn’t a strategy at all.

The vast majority aren’t even aware of how to determine whether tests are statistically valid. Most of the rest are aware, but don’t stick to a plan or consult the statistical confidence stats.

Among other things, I’ll also cover cool and key segments to manage… and include a couple of key nuggets as folks gear up for Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords. See you there!

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