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Google Rolls Out Secret Magic Number They Already Had

Posted April 5th, 2011 by Andrew Goodman

In the acquired-taste-but-classic 1970′s flick Capricorn One, Elliott Gould plays a hard-drinking, well-traveled reporter who thinks he’s onto the fact that NASA has faked a Mars landing.

Soon enough, “they” are out to get him. At first they want to bewilder him into thinking he’s lost his own mind, interspersed with efforts to kill him and discredit him. So after rigging his brakes, the CIA-or-whoever decide to move everything out of his home, and a new family in there. For awhile, he can’t convince anyone that he really *does* live there, because the first thing you see when you go in the house is a happy family that appears to live there, and their stacks of weathered magazines stating back several years… of course with the official address labels with the other family’s name on it. Throw in a few more curveballs like this, and you can see how our hero would start to question whether his own mind was playing tricks on him.

Anyway, today Google announced something they’ve had for North America since 2003: a free support line for AdWords advertisers who punch in their account ID#, at 1-866-2GOOGLE.

You can prove this by using your handy Google search engine and constraining the dates on a search for mentions of 1-866-2GOOGLE. You’ll discover that one of the very first online mentions of this line appears at Webmaster World Forums, with discussion from the likes of our old friends eWhisper and AdWords Advisor. That was on November 27, 2003.

Of course by now, “we” have been “with Google” quite a bit longer than many current employees and even top execs. Maybe that explains the various disconnects and feelings of needless reinvention, or dare we say even feelings of temporal bewilderment most associated with that other silver screen favorite, Groundhog Day.

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